How to Use a Beauty Device at Home

How to Use a Beauty Device at Home
If you’re a beauty lover who suffers from skin issues of any kind led mask, you’ve probably
heard about at-home devices promising results. These gadgets are a great way to
supplement your routine and combat wrinkles, redness, sun damage, and sagging
skin from the comfort of your home.
Best Beauty Devices to Help Solve Your Skin Care Concerns
These beauty gadgets are helping celebrities, vloggers, and everyday women alike
turn back the clock and transform their complexions at home. Some even feature
app-connected technology that provides a full electronic-and biomedical-
engineering analysis of your face’s condition.
Foreo’s silicone cleansing device is a great addition to any skin-care regimen,
combining a deep cleaning and exfoliation in one convenient hand-held tool. With
tiny bristles, the device gently and effectively sloughs away dirt, oil, makeup, and
dead skin to leave your complexion feeling clean and smooth.
The Cleansing Device is perfect for those with sensitive or dry skin who want to
customize their cleanser to their specific needs and achieve the spa-worthy glow
that a good cleansing routine can provide. It features FOREO’s Dual T-Sonic
technology that provides 12 varying pulsations per minute to lift away 99.5% of dirt,
oil, and makeup residue while also enhancing the absorption of skincare products
and reducing acne-causing bacteria.
Stacked Skincare’s high-frequency facial wand is another great option for those who
struggle with acne-prone skin. This tool sends an argon gas-filled electrode into the
skin to create oxygen when it hits the surface, which kills off acne-causing bacteria
and helps plump up the face.
Freeface Skincare | Premium Skincare Products & Services
Its bulb-like tips are easy to grip and can be used on any part of the face, including
the neck and hands. The device also has a timer, so you know when it’s time to
move on to the next area.
Dermaplaning is a common treatment for removing dead skin cells that can lead to
dullness and uneven texture, but professional-grade dermaplaning treatments can
be expensive. These at-home dermaplaning tools are safe and affordable, says
dermatologist Dr. Cheung, and they help “prep the skin” for enhanced penetration of
products and improve circulation for a brighter appearance.
LED Light Therapy
LED lights are an effective and non-invasive way to treat skin conditions like acne.
The technology targets bacteria by sending low-level electric currents to bulb-like
tips that are placed on the skin’s surface, explains aesthetician Mari Worden. It’s
recommended to use the treatment twice a week for maximum results.
ZIIP’s LUNA 2 Eye-Masking System is another excellent option for those with tired
eyes and crow’s feet. The device’s two modes – Pure Mode and Spa Mode – mimic
the tapping technique used in Asian fingertip eye massage, delivering the same
relaxing benefits as a professional beauty treatment.


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